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About Us

Daily World Times is an online platform or a digital news channel where daily news and articles regarding innovations across industries such as Technology, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Health, and Science are published. Whatever be the news, be it recent developments by an industry participant, a product launch, or a new finding by a researcher or a group of researchers, we strive to bring it to you first.

With a motto to make investors and industry participants, and smart readers who like to catch up with the latest happening around the globe, across all industry spectrum, our audience, we at Daily World Times ensure that our content quality is top notch and the news is nothing but authentic, acquired only from only sources that are reliable. This is also a platform where discussions and debates, questions and solutions, and opinions are welcome. Thus, this online news forum is not only limited to seasoned industry analysts, reporters, and writers, but also to the common man who wishes to be heard and like to get their opinions or questions across the channel.

We would like to make it clear that while we do publish news about companies and industries and their subsequent impact, we try to maintain an unbiased view. Also, we do not favour any company/organization or one particular nationality. This is simply a global platform wherein knowledge is shared about the latest happenings in an industry.

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